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Under the Floor @ MWC 2016

The recent Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona saw over 100,000 attendees visit to experience the latest innovations and cutting-edge technology offered by the mobile industry. LDS were there to assist in the preparations...

Most of the attendees at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona's would not have thought about the miles and miles of cabling, joists and flooring that they walked over and sat above as they were wowed by the latest in mobile technology and innovation. However, LDS can attest that it was certainly there! All the glitz and glamour that made headlines was only possible by what lay under the floor. Visitors from 204 countries descended on Spain to experience offerings from more than 2,200 different companies, which necessitated a great deal of preparation and coordination. LDS were asked to lend their expertise to ensure that wires did not get crossed but ended up where they should be. It was a mammoth task - as several sore knees can testify to - but ultimately a great success.







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