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Viewing Scanned Data

We now carry out virtually all of our Measured Building Surveys (floor plans, elevations, internal cross sections) using state-of-the-art 3D laser scanners. There are many advantages to this, including faster data capture (meaning less interruption for clients), increased accuracy, and the ability to add greater levels of detail to our drawings without having to return to site.

However, one relatively new feature that we are able to offer to clients is the ability to view and explore in 3D the scan data that we have collected using Trimble's free Realworks Viewer. Those of our clients who have already tried this out have given us excellent feedback on its usefulness. For a look at some of the features available, read on...


Our 3D laser scanners capture up to 1million points of data per second. The result is a 'point cloud' of 3D data from which we extract floor plans, elevations, and cross sections to send as deliverables to clients. However, this cloud of 3D points also provides a fantastic resource for being able to view the data in 360° photo-quality, to zoom and pan around whilst changing the view between each scan location, as well as take measurements and query points.

The views above are looking from two of our laser scanner positions. From these positions, the view can be rotated 360°, zoomed in or out, or moved to a new scan location for a different angle of view.

There are various display options apart from the True Colour view, including Greyscale or Colour Coded Intensity (as above).

Measurements can very quickly be taken within the viewer.

Navigation through the scan is possible by moving from one scan location to another (represented by the orange triangles) or by using the Key Plan. All of this provides extremely useful additional information in a visually accessible format. The Viewer is extremely easy to use, requiring very little time to become proficient in handling the scan files.

Further information on the viewer (including video tutorials) is readily available on the internet, or we are of course happy to speak with you directly and answer any questions. If you can see the benefits of being able to use this tool and would like to discuss having your project scanned in this way, please do get in touch - we would be delighted to help.







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