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Guinness World Record Set

On 1 September musicians from the British Imperial Marching Band attempted to set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest mile by a marching band. LDS were there to lend a hand...

The world record attempt was arranged by MSC Cruises aboard their cruise ship the MSC Splendida. LDS were asked to attend to measure a circuit around the deck and calculate the number of laps required in order to cover a full mile. 

Selecting a synthetic measuring wheel as the most appropriate method, the course was measured and laid out, adhering to strict guidelines imposed by Guinness World Records to ensure the validity of the record attempt. Once marked out and witnessed, the rest was over to the band members.

Fourteen-and-a-bit laps of the deck were led by band leader Phil Manley at an exacting pace of 150 beats per minute. We are pleased to announce that all the effort was worth it as the Guinness World Record for the Fastest Mile by a Marching Band was recorded at 14m26s. Long may it stand!







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