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LDS 2020 Calendars

Our ever-popular calendar for 2020 is now available to download - click the link below for the download page.

LINK: https://www.lds-survey.co.uk/news-article/2020-calendars

LDS 2019 Calendars

Our calendar for 2019 is now available to download - (link removed)

LINK: https://www.lds-survey.co.uk/news-article/2019-calendars

Jun 2017: Exploring our Scans

We now carry out virtually all of our Measured Building Surveys (floor plans, elevations, internal cross sections) using state-of-the-art 3D laser scanners. There are many advantages to this, including faster data capture (meaning less interruption for clients), increased accuracy, and the ability to add greater levels of detail to our drawings without having to return to site.

However, one relatively new feature that we are able to offer to clients is the ability to view and explore in 3D the scan data that we have collected using Trimble's free Realworks Viewer. Those of our clients who have already tried this out have given us excellent feedback on its usefulness. For a look at some of the features available, read on...

LINK: https://www.lds-survey.co.uk/news-article/2017-rwv

Jun 2016: Not all surveys are equal

How can you be sure of the quality of survey you are commissioning? One survey is the same as another, isn't it? Unfortunately, not. We recently became involved in a project that had had some survey work already carried out. However, it soon became clear that there were serious issues with the previous survey which LDS had to address...

(Warning: the following article contains images which may shock those concerned with accuracy and quality!)

LINK: https://www.lds-survey.co.uk/news-article/2016-badsurvey

Mar 2016: Mobile World Congress

The recent Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona saw over 100,000 attendees visit to experience the latest innovations and cutting-edge technology offered by the mobile industry. LDS were there to assist in the preparations...

LINK: https://www.lds-survey.co.uk/news-article/2016-mwc

Sept 2015: Record Breakers

On 1 September musicians from the British Imperial Marching Band attempted to set a new Guinness World Record for the fastest mile by a marching band. LDS were there to lend a hand...

LINK: https://www.lds-survey.co.uk/news-article/record-breakers

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