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Recent Work

A page of places we've been to, things we've seen, and work we've produced...


July 2020: Whether it's tiny surveyors or tall tripods, we have the right equipment to survey any space!

February 2020: Recently completed 600m of street elevations

December 2019: New Security Measures, Lagos, Nigeria

August 2019: Taksim Square, Istanbul

May 2019: Things a little out of reach? Working with our colleagues at DTA to get the best view...

Apr 2019: Trying to keep out of the way of flying golf balls, Tokyo

Jan 2019: View over parkland - working with our drone-flying colleagues, the quickest way to cover 400Ha of land!

Jan 2019: Swiss runner wearing traditional dress...

Sept 2018: The rarely seen Three-Legged Lady of Reading...

 Sept 2018: Working in the O2

 Sept 2018: Improving productivity through the use of cloning...

 Aug 2018: Science Museum

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