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Surveying Services

LDS provide a range of quality, accurate measured surveys. Please follow the links for details on the services we provide and to see examples of our work:

 The Process

When we receive an enquiry (submit yours here via the quote request form) we will liaise with you closely in order to produce a quote covering all your requirements. When sending an enquiry please provide us with as much detail as possible: full site address, location plan/survey area if available, survey specification etc. If you are unsure on what to send us or of your exact requirements, please call the office where our staff will be happy to advise.

Please also let us know of any relevant details that may affect our ability to carry out the survey (eg. health & safety hazards, parking restrictions, buildings obscured by scaffolding, buildings without power, presence of livestock etc). We will send you our quotation, which will be based on the time required to complete the work.


Once instructed, we will arrange a convenient time to visit the site and carry out the work. We will tell you beforehand how long we are likely to need on site. You will not usually need to be present during the survey, as long as we have free access to the full survey area.

Once the site work has been completed, our surveyor will process the survey data ready for final drawings to be produced. All drawings are finalised in AutoCAD and are available as digital CAD files or PDF, as well as in physical format if required. Drawings will be issued to you and any agent/architect working on your behalf where appropriate.


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(Quote requests can also be sent to us via our Quote Request Form)

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