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Land & Engineering Surveys

Topographic Surveys
A topographic survey is a highly detailed map of the man-made and natural features over an area of land. The data consists of the position and level of each feature, together with a description. This is presented as a scale drawing and can be provided physically (paper, tracing or film) and digitally (eg. AutoCAD DWG/DXF formats, PDF etc). Surveys are usually related to Ordnance Survey grid and datum using GPS. Please download our Topographic Survey Features Checklist to see what we are able to provide.
Boundary Surveys
A boundary survey can be carried out for conveyancing, and for Land Registry and legal purposes. All boundary surveys are linked to Ordnance Survey co-ordinates and where appropriate are overlain onto the current OS digital map data, which we are able to provide. The marking out of new boundaries can also be undertaken.

As-Built Surveys
An as-built survey is carried out following the completion of a development or project and serves as an accurate record of the finished build.

Precision levelling is the measurement of geodetic height using an optical level and staff. Levelling is carried out where particularly precise level information is required, such as with subsidence monitoring.

Other surveying services we can provide include GPS surveys, volumetric calculations and monitoring surveys.



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